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The biggest real estate database of Mosonmagyaróvár and its Region
Real estates for sale or to be rented (Flat, house, plot, holiday home, shop)

Real estates in Mosonmagyaróvár
The small town with 30 000 residents can be found 17 km from the Slovakian border. It has a lovely historical downtown, a thermal bath, and developed infrastructure.
In terms of real estate sales it is typical of the town that the market of flats and houses provides for a wide range of supply with diverse sale prices.

Real estates in Rajka
This settlement of 2800 residents just next to the Slovakian border is a popular target of the purchasers from Slovakia. The value of the flats or houses is high, the supply is relatively small.

There are 1600 residents mainly of Croatian nationality in this settlement, which is 3 km from the Slovakian border. In the village the supply of detached houses is low, the prices are relatively high.

A settlement of 3500 residents, 10 km from the Slovakian border, 2 km from the Austrian border. There are relatively a lot of houses for sale, the prices are moderate.

A settlement of 1700 residents, 12 km from the Slovakian border. There are new and older detached houses for sale, the prices are moderate.

A settlement of 1800 residents, 9 km from the Slovakian border. It is famous for its Wellness hotel, Palace hotel, golf course. The natural environment is beautiful, a popular target of Slovakian purchasers. The supply of detached houses is average, the prices are relatively high.

Dunasziget is the collective name of the following villages: Doborgazsziget, Sérfenyősziget, Cikolasziget. There are altogether 1500 residents in the three small villages. It can be found 16 km from the border. It is characterized by beautiful natural environment, river branches, beach, horse-, and bicycle tourism. Popular holiday resort. Cheaper and expensive houses, plots are also available.

A small settlement of 500 residents, but the population is significantly increases nowadays. It is 12 km from the Slovakian border. Lots of plots supplied with public utilities had been developed in the village, most of them was bought by Slovakian purchasers.

Mosonszolnok, Újrónafő, Máriakálnok, Halászi, Kimle
Settlements around Mosonmagyaróvár within 10 km, where the market prices of the houses are significantly lower than in the villages between Mosonmagyaróvár and the Slovakian border.

A small town of 5000 residents, with significant industrial-service companies, 30 km from the Slovakian border. Its real estate market is characterised by huge supply and low prices.


Information with regards to real estate sale, or building

General rule:
Any EU-citizen is free to buy flat, house, or building site. Foreign person cannot purchase plough-land.

Attorney collaboration:
In case of the purchase of a real estate in Hungary, the final sale and purchase agreement is valid only with the attorney's signature of endorsement since the land registry registers the sale and purchase agreement only with that.

Letter of intent can be made without attorney collaboration, with the signature of two witnesses.

Land Registry procedure:
Sale and purchase agreements submitted by the lawyer will be registered in 48 hours at the Land Registry (the name and address of the purchaser will be entered in the property sheet).
Final ownership post will take 3-4 weeks.

Duty on acquisition:
Based on the value of the purchased real estate, a duty must be paid to the Tax Authority.

In case of buying a flat or house worth not more than HUF 4 million, the duty is 4%, and a 4% duty shall be payable for the part in excess thereof.

In case of plots, shops, and other non-housing real estates the general duty is 4%.
In case of a plot - if the purchaser undertakes to build it up in 4 years - the duty is 0%.

Taxes payable by the sellers:
In case of selling a house or flat within 5 years after the acquisition, an income tax is payable, the rate of which is 16%.
The rate of this tax in the year of acquisition and the following year is 100%, that is to say 25%.
In the 2nd year it is 90% of 16%
In the 3rd year it is 60% of 16%
In the 4th year it is 30% of 16%
In the 5th year it is 0%, that is to say, no tax is payable.

The year of acquisition is the year of entry at the Land Registry. In case of building, if the occupancy permit was issued before 31st December 2007 the year of acquisition is the year when the plot was purchased, in case the occupancy permit was issued after 1st January 2008 the year of acquisition is the same as the year of the licence.

In case of non-dwelling houses a tax is payable within 15 years of acquisition, which is also 16%. From the 6th year this tax decreases 10% every year, so after 15 years no tax is payable.

Authorization procedures:
To pull down, build, renovate a house an authorization must be granted by the Building Authority.
In case of a new house - after it has been completed - occupancy permit must be obtained + the house must be required to be shown on the land registry map.

Designing, execution:
New house in Hungary can only be designed by a registered architect.
The architect prepares the preliminary draft plans, and the plans for authorization. He arranges all the necessary official checking, public utility applications, and submits the application of authorization to the Building Authority.

Budget including and not including price is prepared as well, if customers require.
With the budget not including price quotations from several building companies can be asked.

Administration of loans:
Hungarian banks provide loans for EU-citizens in case they purchase a real estate.
In case of appropriate income, 75% of the price can be financed by loans.
In case of building a new house, 70% of the expenses can be covered from loan.

Other procedure:
We help our customers to obtain address card, tax card and any other necessary official documents.

Administration of loans

The activity of TALEA Real Estate Agency also includes the financing of the acquisition or enlargement, renovation of different real estates (plot, flat, detached house, etc.)

Administration of loans is free of charge for our inland and foreign customers as well.

All you have to do is to visit our office where - after a short discussion - we fill in our form together, which gives us orientation about your exact loan demand.

After that, in order to spare You from visiting different banking houses -, in a few days, after having discussions, negotiations with our partner banks, we describe your possibilities and put forward a proposal for which bank to be chosen.

We make every effort to give quick and accurate information to every customer, and to work out individual loan constructions.

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